Dr. Vishal Bansal

Professor & Head


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Dr. Sushant Bhatanagar


The department aims to provide maxillofacial surgeons, who shall have excellent skills in providing preventive, therapeutic and surgical care to the patients and at the same time should have an inclination towards academic development and upliftment of profession and society as a whole.

The Department of oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, consists of the OPD, Post-graduate section and OT block. The OT block consists of minor OT and Implant clinics. Large diversity of cases report to the department which has an average daily OPD of 70-100 patients. Thrice in a week major (under GA) surgery, like cleft related surgeries, trauma, TMJ orthognathic surgeries, Jaw pathologies including cancer resections and reconstruction, are operated in the OT complex of adjoining Chhatrapati Shivaji Subharti Hospital where separate wards for male and female patients, exclusively for maxillofacial patients are available.

Workshops and conference organized by department in last three years

  • Annual XIV National Triple “o” Symposium in 2016
    • Hands on course for Nobel Implant system – Dr. Ravi Batra
    • American Heart association certified BLS course
  • Guest Lecture & Hands on course for closed reduction of maxillofacial fracture by Dr. Ashish Gupta - 2016
  • Guest Lecture by Dr. Anurag Yadav 2017
  • Lecture by Dr. Nageshwar Iyer 2016
  • Association of Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons - Master class 2017


  • During last three years faculty has delivered 8 keynote lectures after being invited at various state and national level conferences and workshops to deliver guest lectures.
  • Total Number of publications by the department – 121



  • Bone plating sets : Titanium and Stainless steel sets are available for osteosynthesis in fracture or osteotomy cases
  • Cryosurgery unit: in some soft tissue lesions and neuralgia cases
  • Electrosurgery: for excision of benign soft tissue lesions
  • Oscillating saw : for osteotomies in orthognathic and access surgeries
  • Implant sets: Life care, Alpha Bio, Anthrogyr and DRDO systems to cater for all pockets
  • Magnavision : an innovative tool for magnified vision in cleft surgeries
  • Flexible Naso-endoscope : a gift from Smile Train for velopharyngeal assessment in cleft palate patients
  • Fibro-optic light source: for various applications in surgery
  • Rhinoplasty set: for esthetic nasal surgeries
  • Fibro-optic retractors: a boon in intraoral osteotomies in ramal area of mandible
  • Cleft palate instruments: an essential part of our repertoire
  • Bone grafting and Osteotomyelitis

Dr. Vishal Bansal
Professor & Head

Photograph of Head of Department
Dr. Vishal Bansal