Lecture on Management of Biofilm

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On 9th November, 2016 Department of Periodontics organized a lecture for the Post graduate and Undergraduate students on the topic “Current opinions in the management of biofilm”. Listerine has coupled up with ISP to raise awareness for the deleterious effects of BIOFILM and its management amongst the budding dentists of the country to motivate their patients.
The speaker for the lecture was Dr.Mayur Kaushik, Professor, Dept. of Periodontics.
Almost 200 Postgraduates n interns were benefitted from the lecture. All the students were provided with gift vouchers n Listerine mouth wash samples by the sponsors.
Photo 1
Photo 1:Dr.Deepa D.(Professor,Dept.of Periodontics) facilitating the sponsor of program.
Photo 2
Photo 2:Dr.Mayur Kaushik (Professor,Dept.of Periodontics) addressing the gathering of faculty members, post graduate and under graduate students.