Art Effect – A Venture to Show Your Mettle

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A two day event organized by the Department of Prosthodontics And Crown & Bridge, Subharti Dental College & Hospital commenced on 20th January, 2017 with Art Effect – A Venture To Show Your Mettle, (Teeth Arrangement Competition) in which an exuberant 75 students of BDS 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, Interns and students of Dental Mechanics took part. The teeth arrangement was a two hour competition and the winning criteria were function and esthetic. The winners were Rashid Malik (Ist), Subham Sharma (IInd) and Gul Singh (IIIrd) - IIIrd year BDS students. all were awarded with budding prosthodontists badge. After the successful competition of Teeth Arrangement; Prosthomania (Dental Quiz) look place in which 6-teams look part. The quiz was a 6 round event which consisted of scientific and clinical questions. Team B comprising of Deeksha Mehta (intern), Lubna Mustaq(intern), Aatika (IVth yr), Akanksha (IVth yr), Deeksha (IIIrd yr) and Rashid Malik (IIIrd yr), the competitors were awarded by the Speaker Dr. Sumit Dubey.
The second day i.e. 21st January, 2017 consisted of a gust lecture by Dr. Sumit Dubey (M.D.S. Prosthodontics and Project Manager, Healthy Affordable Solutions Nationally for Aam Aadami) from New Delhi who also happens to be the alumni of Subharti Dental College. This was the first time that the alumni of the own college was given a platform to educate and motivate budding dentists.
Dr. Sumit Dubey enlightened everyone with thoughts on how to treat a patient both clinically and provide best care in remote areas.
The event was a grand success.
Photo 1
The clinico initiation day of BDS-2014 batch
Photo 1 : Participants during the competition

Photo 2

The clinico initiation day of BDS-2014 batch

Photo 2 : Dr. Nikhil Srivastava, Principal, SDC giving token of appreciation to Dr. Sumit Dubey, Guest speaker.


Photo 3

The clinico initiation day of BDS-2014 batch

Photo 3 : Lamp Lighting

Photo 4

The clinico initiation day of BDS-2014 batch

Photo 4: Dr. Sumit Dubey delivering the guest lecture