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Parents & students are requested to read the following carefully before taking admission.

(A) Full Fee will be deposited. No Part payment of Fee is permitted.

(B) Please don’t ask time for deposition of Fee. (Last date of full & final fee deposition is 27th September, 2016 by 4:00 pm)

1. Tuition fee is Rs. 3,25,000/- ( Provisional - Rupees Three Lacs Twenty Five Thousands only) for the first year (Matter under litigation with the Government).

2. The students are required to deposit the tuition fee every year in advance for that particular year before the date announced by the College.

3. There shall be 5% increment in tuition fee per year to offset inflation

(Provisional - Matter under litigation with the Government).

4. Registration Fee, University Enrolment Fee, Uniform fee, University Examination Fee, University Sports and Cultural Fee, Medical Insurance Fee & library fee etc is Rs. 1,00,000/- (One time only at the time of admission).

5. Refundable security deposit will be Rs. 2,00,000/- (Two Lacs Thousands Only).

6. A sum of Rs. 25,000/- will be the supplementary exam’s fee per subject for all failed students in each phase of study during the academic year.

7. Hostel charges are inclusive of mess charges. These are follows-

A) Boys- Dr. Kotnis Boys Hostel/ Shyamji Krishna Boys Hostel (Non-AC)

Double occupancy - Rs. 1,15,000/-

Triple occupancy – Rs.1,10,000/-

B) Girls- Rani Chennamma Girls Hostel – (Non-AC)

Double occupancy - Rs. 70,000/-

Triple occupancy – Rs. 65,000/-

8. Refundable Hostel Security – Rs. 25,000/-

9. Fee once deposited is non refundable.

Note: The above fee structure is provisional and can be changed any time, in view of the changed circumstances/ Orders of the Hon’ble Court/ Decision by the Executive Committee of the University.